May Madness Continues!

Happy Monday, everyone!   I’m over at today!   And wow, what a phenomenal review of ENEMY LOVER.  I was brought to tears.  Really. It’s that good, but more importantly, Amelia, ‘got’ it.  

Come say hello!

3 Replies to “May Madness Continues!”

  1. I don’t have facebook or twitter or whatever… so limited exposure for your book, sorry.

    I loved Enemy Lover passed it on to many(recommended and in trade); I even gave a thumbs up for Karin Harlow on Amazon’s disc board.

    I can’t wait for the next book. Keep the guys Alpha and the females strong!

    Gotta go now I really have my pathophysiology H.W. to do.

    Thank you for the great read.

    See ya on the shelves.

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