Release Day Approaches

Tuesday, May 25th! I’m very excited and very nervous!!! I just received a few bound galleys last week of ENEMY LOVER. I have two up for grabs, but you have to earn them!  Later this week, I’m going to ask a few questions, as well as giving clues to find the answers.  I’m just waiting for a few things before I can post the questions.  Those who answer all the questions correctly will be tossed into the randomizer for a drawing!  Standby for details!

I also wanted to share my fabulous colored L.O.S.T. seal! 

Is it amazingly gorgeous or what?  I’m in the process of ordering L.O.S.T. mugs, tees and hoodies.  My designer, Jody Werner, is seriously talented. and has the patience of a saint.  I know this because she worked with me and I drove her crazy! You can also find Jody here!

As soon as I get pics of the merchandise, I’ll share.  In the meantime, feel free to join my Karin Harlow Facebook friend and fan page!

In the meantime, stay close to the edge, it’s more exciting!

5 Replies to “Release Day Approaches”

  1. Can’t wait to read ENEMY LOVER! It sounds fabulous. I have to say I love the creativity of the L.O.S.T. seal. Very nice, inded!

  2. Karin, you were fun to work with! I love collaborating on stuff like this. I can’t wait to get my book and my full line of merchandise!!!

  3. Buffie, I’m glad love the seal. Jody was amazing to work with and well, as you cna she does a great job.

    JOdy, I don’t know if I was *fun* but I really love the way your artistic brain works. I can’t wait to get the seal on mugs and tees, but day-um! it’s expensive with all those colors!

  4. It shouldn’t be. It’s 4-color process. If anybody is attempting to charge you for more than 4 colors they are not doing it correctly. Put me in touch with them. The result is not likely to be good if they are not approaching the printing process correctly.

  5. I love the seal. You are having so much fun with this! I’ll be checking out Jody’s site.

    I have to follow you on Google Reader so I get your blogs.

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