Harlow Is In The House!

Hi, everyone!

I’m so exited to be here.  Isn’t the site gorgeous?  I just love love LOVE it! 

Please allow me to introduce myself: my name is Karin Harlow, and I write paranormal suspense!  My debut novel, ENEMY LOVER, releases May 25th.  It’s the first of what I hope will be many L.O.S.T. stories.  In ENEMY LOVER I introduce, L.O.S.T., Last Option Special Team, a covert government sanctioned organization that does the dirty work the CIA can no longer get away with. Not only that, but in ENEMY LOVER L.O.S.T. discovers there are Otherworldly beings who walk the earth. I also introduce a most amazing woman: L.O.S.T. operative, Jax Cassidy, who brings a very dark, and very tortured vampire, Marcus Cross, to his knees. 

Their story is dark, tumultuous, and sexy.  It is a story of good vs the thin line of patriotism vs terrorism. It is a story of redemption and acceptance and the will to live when all you love is lost.  It is, at its core, a love story. 

The L.O.S.T. concept is based loosely on the Dirty Dozen meets Mission Impossible with a paranormal twist.

I hope you enjoy reading ENEMY LOVER as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Feel free to check out the site, especially the L.O.S.T. page and Book page to see what all the excitement is about!

So, enough about my books, tell me a little bit about yourself.  Who are you?  What do you like to read?  Or write?  And how did you find me?

PS, look me up on facebook and twitter!

8 Replies to “Harlow Is In The House!”

  1. I read the blurb and the L.O.S.T. blurb. LOVE IT! Can’t wait until the book is out and I can read it.

    I like to read just about everything. I live in Wis. with two dogs, one cat an my husband. We’re four females to one male, and outnumber my husband. I like that. 🙂

  2. Edie thank you for stopping by! I hope you love ENEMY LOVER, I worked really hard on that story.

    My household is split equally. 3 male humans, 2 males cats, 3 female humans and 2 female pooches. But there is never any doubt in this house who is in charge. 😉

  3. Jody as soon as I get my author copies one is on its way to you!

    Same to you, Jax!

    Jill, I’m so glad you like the site. I do too!

  4. This looks great, Karin. I found you via Bonnie….thanks for the heads up, GF! Looks like Enemy Lover may be the start to another beautiful addiction 🙂

    BTW, where are those questions? I want my chance to get an early read!!

  5. Thanks for stopping by, Julia! I hope ENEMY LOVER is the beginning of bee-u-tee-ful relationship! 🙂
    Questions are coming up in th next day or two. Stand by!

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