We Have A Title!

Thanks to Amy Siedlecki we have a title for L.O.S.T. book two:  drum roll please:   ENEMY MINE!!!   I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Amy I will be getting in contact  with you shortly!!

6 Replies to “We Have A Title!”

  1. OH MY GOD!!! I am just beside myself!! Girlfriend, you are going to make a quick $500 off of me because that’s how many books I plan on buying since I have “bragging rights.”…this definitely trumps Barry’s acknowledgement at the beginning of Enemy Lover…in fact…I’m thinking maaaaybe you should think about having another child so I can be a godparent, too. And then, when I come out for holiday visits and birthdays, we could maybe team up and write a book together, you know, the way James Patterson does with other authors. Hmmmm, it’s a whole new world out there for you and me Karin..xoxo

  2. July 2011? That seems so so so far away! But wait… can I ask though because I love to plan ahead… I read a recent part of book #1 about Gage… he’s getting under my skin with all his puppy dog looks he keeps giving Jax. I’m really interested to know his story! Oh, please, oh, please… when does he come along with his own story? And Godfather… I’d like to know him more! Grrr… I’m very impatient. LOL

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