T Minus One Week!


Until the official release of ENEMY LOVER!   I’m very excited!  The reviews have been phenomenal, support for my crazy blog tour has been immense, a writer really can’t ask for more than that.

Trust me, it’s taken a village, hell a couple of villages, that if you melded them together would become a city, to get ENEMY LOVER on book stands.  It’s taken those villages to get the word out, generating a positive buzz and then keeping the buzz alive. 

I wish I could throw a fat party in New York, fly you all out, and party like there is no tomorrow! Since I can’t, I want to say, thank you to everyone who is part of ENEMY LOVER’s momentum.  I hope you continue on this crazy ride with me.

We’re a week away!

And don’t forget I’m over at Micole’s place today.  C’mon over and say hello. www.Micolewritesromance.blogspot.com Micole is good people.   

Here’s a peek at Thursday, May 20th: 

I’ll be hanging out at The Romance Dish!   Love this site! 

I’ll also be over at Murder She WritesNew York Times Bestselling author Allison Brennan is interviewing me.  She doesn’t hold back either! 

And thirdly, I’ll be hanging at Night Owl Romance!   Lot’s of giveaways, lot’s of fun, please, stop by and say hello.

 Again, thank you all for helping make ENEMY LOVER a break out release!